Monday, March 12, 2012

One Week!

Baby Bacon has exactly one week of "baking" to do. There were definitely times that I didn't think I'd get this far along. There were also times that I didn't feel like I could make it this far. However, as I approach the final week, I'm feeling pretty good. I've only had one instance of Braxton Hicks contractions and no other signs of labor, so I'm considering myself lucky. I do have concerns, as every soon-to-be mom does. Some may result from nesting, some from my extremely obsessive personality. Whatever the cause, I'm thinking about them a lot.

1. Getting everything done; both at work and at home. I've got one last big project to tackle at work, which is looming over my head. I've also been trying desperately to keep up with everything coming in - which will make it easier for my co-workers after I've gone. It's a losing battle and I know it, but it doesn't lessen my struggle.

At home, it's less of a big deal, but there are things we just need to get done. I need to clean for an upcoming St Patrick's Day party and houseguests. We also need to install our car seats and other sensible things. I've got a list and I'm whittling it down, but it feels like so much to do.

2. I worry a lot about going into labor before our C-Section date. I know if it happens, it happens and we'll deal with it. The planner in me is going crazy, though, because everything I have planned hinges on Baby coming the day that he's supposed to. Interestingly enough, I worry more about the planning aspect than I do about the physical aspect. My doctor has stressed how important it is to call if I experience any labor symptoms and what to say in the hospital to get the quickest treatment: "I have a bicornate uterus and my baby has always been breach." That apparently makes this happen pretty quickly. Despite that, I seem to be more concerned about displacing party guests and being adequately prepared.

3. Scarlett's place in this post-baby life does make me worry. I'm nervous about keeping her on schedule with school and all of her activities. But I also need to balance that with baby bonding, because I want to her to be as involved as possible. Trying to prevent melt-downs with special activities, but trying to keep her grounded will be difficult. I want to approach this situation as carefully and thoughtfully as possible. I'm willing to accept any suggestions! A From Bacon to Scarlett gift has already been purchased, wrapped and packed and Ben knows how important it will be for her to be the first person who gets to hold the baby.

4. Nursing vs. pumping. This issue has weighed on my mind since Scarlett was born. With Scarlett I nursed for a little bit, pumped for a little bit and then gave up and formula fed. Nursing contributed to a hefty case of baby blues because it didn't go well for me. Due to physical problems, it just wasn't very feasible. I didn't feel guilty when I stopped, after all Scarlett turned out just fine, but trying to figure out how to approach the situation with the new one has caused me a little stress.

I'm honestly not too keen on nursing. I want Bacon to have the benefits of it, which is why I'm willing to try nursing for a little while and pumping for a long while. My hope is that I can build up a nice supply of milk by pumping so that the little one can have the benefits of the breastmilk and I won't have any of the stress. We'll see. My experience with some people is that "breast is best" and that is the bottom line. I don't disagree, but I want to be open minded. I hope that everyone else will be too.


  1. Well, y'never know about the nursing thing. Margie had a tough time of it with Victoria and felt very bad about stopping when she did. With Hazel she did get to a year but it was still tough.

    I think nursing is a fantastic idea, but I still hold to two ideas:

    1. Go into the average third grade classroom. Look at the kids. See if you can figure out which ones were formula fed. Of course, you can't. (I myself was formula fed and I've always been the healthiest pup in the litter.)

    2. Breastfeeding is NOT "free." It costs a lot in effort, time, and co-workers looking sideways at you when you go pump. That doesn't make it worse than formula feeding; nor better. It's just that you have to pay for either, and not necessarily in cash.

    Best of luck with all this. You know we love you tons. Let us know if there's anything we can do, of course.

  2. As always Luis, you are so right! I wish I could get it through my thick skull that however it works out will be the "right" way!

    1. Hi Casey,

      I like Milkworks and I used them a lot with Victoria. They also have herbs that increase milk supply (as does dark beer!) and you can rent hospital grade pumps. You can weigh bacon their for free too! Not to mention all the cute stuff they carry. I also liked them because they support bf, but are not crazy anal about it and are very understanding about supplementing with formula if needed (which is what I had to do with Victoria). They also helped us find which bottle was best!

  3. Nursing was a struggle for Mary with Harper. But then she got the "Nipple Shells" - one week wearing those and the pain went away and she's been a champ ever since.

    Since we bought a pump with Connor, we didn't save much money ... but with the second baby, we are.

    Either way is fine - do what is best for you and your baby...all situations are different and one way isn't better than the other.

    Looking forward to meeting "Bacon" soon (we're planning to spend a week in Nebraska in May - will definitely come down to Lincoln to say hello)

  4. Jackson is now two and I still have some hard feelings over how nursing went for us. I was much more adamant about doing it than I had been with Emily, with whom I made it to 6 months. I thought this time I'd be a champion and make it a year or more, but it just wasn't in the cards. After he had to be supplemented for calories, I managed to pump exclusively for 5 months, and that was so hard for me, time wise. But all in all, whatever keeps baby and mama happy is the best thing for everyone. And if you need a pump by chance, I still have a Medela Pump in Style double electric that I could send you if you wanted to just replace the 'disposable' parts. These anxious last few days are so intense, and yet sometimes so slow, I remember the intensity of every step so well! Can't wait to see pictures of baby Bacon and hear his name. Much love and support!!

  5. Thank you all for your supportive comments and love! Even now, almost two weeks into it, it's hard to remember that I don't answer to anyone else about my pumping/nursing decisions.