Monday, March 25, 2013

The official one-year stats

Height: 33 in

Weight: 30 lbs.

Head: 19 ½ inches

All in the 97th percentile

Our to-do list is to phase out the bottle and heavy-duty sleep training (establishing a strict bedtime routine). The doctor suggested phasing out the pacifier too, but I don’t think anyone in our house in ready to give that up.

This all is very new territory for us. We did very minimal sleep training with Scarlett and at a much earlier age. She seemed to get it after a few nights. I know that it won’t be that easy with Sully, which is one of the reasons that we’ve been putting it off. Eliminating the bottle was equally easy. I gave her a sippy cup with milk in it on the day after her first birthday. After handing it back to me a few times, she just accepted it and moved on. Lastly, Scarlett was never into binkies – as much as we wanted her to be!

I’ll keep you updated!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy First Birthday Sullivan Patrick Coleman!

Yesterday was Sully's first birthday! I can't believe the long and hard year it's been (insert joke here)!
In the scheme of things, this first 12 months was just a little hill in the very long and winding road of life. I know this is true, as I experienced it with Scarlett, so I tried to remind myself as often as I could to stop and smell the roses. I took time to gaze at Sully, remembering every line, crinkle, crease, and dimple of his face. I tried to sigh a little less every time I extracted him from the stairs, knowing that in a couple of short months, he'll be able to climb the stairs by himself. Most of all, I try to enjoy when he won't let me put him down. I'm sure the time will come when he won't even want hugs from his uncool mom!

Here's a little photo blog of the last twelve months.



Monday, March 4, 2013

It's getting hectic in here!

 It’s been a hectic week. In addition to our normal events, lessons, and activities, we’ve had some extra excitement (and stress) this week!  Girl Scout cookie sales are in full swing and we've been stepping over boxes for a while now. If you need any, let us know. I'd love to move them out of my house!

Scarlett also participated in her second science fair for Hill Elementary School. This is never something that I expected Scarlett to get involved with. I wasn’t a science-y kid and I’m not really into science now. She must have gotten those genes from Ben! So over the course of three weeks, Scarlett and her friend Abbi worked on their Solar System project together. They colored and painted planets, read interesting facts about each one, and made their own bubble letters for the title. In the end, the came up with a very colorful interesting display. Below are some pictures.
At left is Scarlett’s Science Fair project last year. The photo about is of her and her partner this year.

Sully has had his own big adventures this week. He’s been standing on his own more often and taking a step or two when he feels like it. He is a bit lazy, as he won’t walk if we get near him. (Nor will he hold his own bottle for long, the little brat!) He’s quite adept at holding his sippy cup, however, and no longer eats baby food. Sully also loves puzzles and is working really hard at stacking blocks. He excels at knocking them over!

On an interesting note, he’s been finding private places to have bowel movements. I know that some professionals find that toddlers that hide have problems potty training, but I hope that’s not the case.