Monday, March 4, 2013

It's getting hectic in here!

 It’s been a hectic week. In addition to our normal events, lessons, and activities, we’ve had some extra excitement (and stress) this week!  Girl Scout cookie sales are in full swing and we've been stepping over boxes for a while now. If you need any, let us know. I'd love to move them out of my house!

Scarlett also participated in her second science fair for Hill Elementary School. This is never something that I expected Scarlett to get involved with. I wasn’t a science-y kid and I’m not really into science now. She must have gotten those genes from Ben! So over the course of three weeks, Scarlett and her friend Abbi worked on their Solar System project together. They colored and painted planets, read interesting facts about each one, and made their own bubble letters for the title. In the end, the came up with a very colorful interesting display. Below are some pictures.
At left is Scarlett’s Science Fair project last year. The photo about is of her and her partner this year.

Sully has had his own big adventures this week. He’s been standing on his own more often and taking a step or two when he feels like it. He is a bit lazy, as he won’t walk if we get near him. (Nor will he hold his own bottle for long, the little brat!) He’s quite adept at holding his sippy cup, however, and no longer eats baby food. Sully also loves puzzles and is working really hard at stacking blocks. He excels at knocking them over!

On an interesting note, he’s been finding private places to have bowel movements. I know that some professionals find that toddlers that hide have problems potty training, but I hope that’s not the case.

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  1. The only problem with kids who hide when they poop is that they get used to pooping in that spot / physical stance / all alone, so that whole environment starts to exert "stimulus control" over pooping. (Kind of like how you have to pee, and then you go in the bathroom, which is the environment you ALWAYS pee in,* and that is an extra signal that it's time to pee, and then your urge to pee gets so much worse -- because stimulus control is in play.)

    It can be hard to convince them to get used to pooping in a very different way. So you may wind up starting off (a year or two from now -- of course there's no hurry!) by just running him into the bathroom when you see him starting to poop, and then requiring him to poop in the bathroom even though it's still in his diaper, and then once that's well-established, moving it over to the potty.

    Or, y'know, not. It all depends on him and how he takes to your initial attempts to potty train him, later on.

    *Unless you're Ben.