Monday, March 25, 2013

The official one-year stats

Height: 33 in

Weight: 30 lbs.

Head: 19 ½ inches

All in the 97th percentile

Our to-do list is to phase out the bottle and heavy-duty sleep training (establishing a strict bedtime routine). The doctor suggested phasing out the pacifier too, but I don’t think anyone in our house in ready to give that up.

This all is very new territory for us. We did very minimal sleep training with Scarlett and at a much earlier age. She seemed to get it after a few nights. I know that it won’t be that easy with Sully, which is one of the reasons that we’ve been putting it off. Eliminating the bottle was equally easy. I gave her a sippy cup with milk in it on the day after her first birthday. After handing it back to me a few times, she just accepted it and moved on. Lastly, Scarlett was never into binkies – as much as we wanted her to be!

I’ll keep you updated!

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  1. Wow. Good luck. Feel free to call if you want pointers. The book SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT by Jodi Mindell is the best of the bunch.