Thursday, August 30, 2012

Size differential

Although this post is a month overdue, I'm going to write it anyway!

I've managed to dig up Scarlett's old growth chart. I thought it would be fun to compare Sullivan's size to Scarlett's at the same age. To my astonishment, the actual numbers aren't as far off as I expected. It's amazing that at such a young age, an inch or two makes such a huge difference in percentages.

Scarlett                                           Sullivan
Height: 25 in                                  27 in
Weight: 13.3                                  19.5
Head Circum: 16 1/4                     17.5

So that's the 75th percentile in height verses Sully's 100+. Scarlett's 50th % in weight verses Sully's 100+ (the biggest difference) Lastly, Scarlett's 60th % in head circumference verses Sully's, again, 100+. Notice in the pictures below that we still had to use a car seat head guard for Scarlett at 4 months old. Sully's legs hang off of the end of that same car seat and his head grazes the top.

On a side note, Sullivan is no longer sleeping through the night. Boo! First it was the teething that kept getting him up. Now it's the rolling over and getting stuck. I'm getting jealous of other mom's I know with babes his age (or younger!) who are sleeping through the night. I know it's a phase because Scarlett went through it too and she was an extremely good sleeper. It's hard to remember that when I wake up looking at the clock through bleary eyes at 2:30 a.m.

He's also up on all fours rocking quite a bit. He's given up on scooting forward (which we were counting as crawling) and has now resigned himself to working his way backwards across the room. It's quite surprising to find him underneath the coffee table or near the front door when I leave the room!

Here's another picture of Scarlett, which shows her skinny little arms and legs!

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