Friday, November 15, 2013

The quest for a Little Free Library

We’ve recently had a windfall in our household. A $100 windfall, to be exact.

About six months ago, someone on Facebook turned me on to Little Free Libraries. Are you familiar with those? They’re these miniature libraries that are located at a house or business. Only, you don’t check out books, you trade books. No librarian, no fines, no cards. Just you and this little library in a box. What a fantastic idea! Turns out, they exist all over the country! There are quite a few of them here in Lincoln, including the one that I frequent: The Losh Free Library.

 After visiting the library a few times and following the new arrival updates on Facebook, I expressed interest in starting our own. This was really just a “wouldn’t that be fun” type of interest. But, someone was listening (or reading, rather). On October 2nd, Ben and I received an anonymous letter from a “friend” of the Little Free Library program who lives out of state and wants to see this project grow. That anonymous letter included a crisp $100 bill. “Here’s your push,” it said. This letter was similar to the anonymous letter than the Losh Free Library received that same day with a $200 donation.

Wow. Really, wow. So, here we go. Our first purchase was an upcycled Little Free Library that was being auctioned off at the Common Root Fundraiser. Although I paid way too little for it, I’m happy to have some of that donation left to purchase an official Little Free Library stewardship and name plate!

Next step? Building the post for it to sit on, stocking the library, and making it official! Speaking of official... we need a name! Taking suggestions!

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