Friday, September 9, 2011

Last time around

I've been thinking back to when I was pregnant with Scarlett lately. Bound to happen, right? Surely I wasn't this sick last time - unable to eat much and always feeling like a hefty puke is right around the corner.

However, I was reminded of this one instance that brought it all back: While attending a birthday lunch at Arturo's mid-way through my first trimester (I remember it being Summer and walking from the Farmer's Market), I ordered my favorite potato enchiladas. Within seconds of taking the first bite, I had to push away my plate and leave the table. Needless-to-say, Ben ate two lunches that day. I remember another instance of trying to eat at the Bohemian Cafe in Omaha and having to leave the restaurant for the duration of the meal. The smells of the Czech foods - sauerkraut and dumplings - made me feel sick enough that I couldn't even choke down my hamburger.

Come to think of it, I didn't gain a pound during my pregnancy with Scarlett because I lost so much in the first trimester. I guess it's easy to forget things like that the second time around. Maybe forgetting all that crappy stuff makes it easier to be pregnant again!

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