Monday, October 24, 2011

Shy and uncooperative

Friday was supposed to be the day that our family found out whether we were going to be adding another little girl to our mix or evening out our family with a boy. We were well aware that 18 weeks is still on the early side for this procedure (which includes the full anatomy scan), but we were so excited that we brought Scarlett for the special news. Disappointingly, it didn't happen.

The baby was plenty active and healthy, but when the doctor moved the ultrasound wand over the baby, he/she suddenly became very shy and curled up and/or turned away. :( I know this happens, but I was still very disappointed that the neither the sex was determined, nor the anatomy scan completed.

Unrelated to the baby at all, really, I was just disappointed in the appointment in all ways. It's partly my own fault for scheduling an appointment on a Friday afternoon, right? I certainly shouldn't expect a quality appointment to discuss the baby's health in an environment that seemed already closed for business, should I? My last appointment was also on a Friday afternoon, and although it also seemed rushed and uninformative, I thought it was a lone incident. Never again. The doctor's office was nearly empty, not just of patients, but also of staff. The staff at the front didn't ask for my insurance info, a co-pay nor did they offer to schedule a follow-up. The heartbeat was measured, a brief ultrasound conducted, with a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am attitude all the way around. When the doctor (not my regular, I should note) couldn't manipulate the baby into showing it's goods, she left to get an ultrasound tech, only to discover that they'd all left for the day. Why let someone schedule an important ultrasound appointment if you don't have the staff to cover it? Seriously!

"I'll tell the ladies up front to schedule you again in 3 weeks," was what the doctor said as she ducked into her office. Yet, when we arrived at the front desk, the lady knew nothing about another appointment and was hesitant to schedule anything, that not being her actual job. She sent me back to the actual ultrasound scheduler, who informed me that she was pretty much booked solid for the next 4 weeks. We finally squeezed me in and I left, dejected, disappointed and angry.

I probably won't do anything about this piece-of-shit of an appointment that I had, but it feels good to get it down on paper (or blog, as it may be!) and out of my head, where I was sure to fester over it for another month or so.

No more Friday appointments!

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