Friday, November 9, 2012

Days 7 and 8

Pardon once again the double up of entries. Blogging is a little harder than just dashing off a quick sentence or two and posting on Facebook (perhaps that’s what I should have done).

This week, I’m very glad for the democratic process. Aside from party lines and partisan issues (face it, we’re all tired of those), I just feel very blessed to be able to vote. It’s easy to forget that 100 years ago, women weren’t able to vote. Women’s Suffrage was 150 years in the making and man did we have to work at it. I’m thankful every day that I’m allowed to have some part in the legislative process, even a small one. I vowed early on that I’d never let that go to waste.

Going with the woman-hear-me-roar theme, I’m also thankful to be surrounded by strong, powerful, inspiring women. I work in an office that is comprised of 75-80% women. The roles of leadership are held by mostly women. Glass ceiling be damned! Even in the University, I don’t have to look very far to see powerful women. Now, I just have to choose to be inspired and not feel like I’ve been left behind in the academic/career world.

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