Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thanksvember Day 3

I could fill an entire post, every single day with stories of wonderful sisterdom. Today I'm extra thankful for my beautiful Scarlett. We put an overtired Sully to bed and as soon as he realized that we weren't coming back, he started to wail. Ben and I went about our business, intending to give a few minutes before we tried to put him to sleep again. Pretty soon I hear this tiny voice over the monitor. Scarlett was telling Sully that it was time for bed and if he would only lie down, he'd fall right asleep. Since he didn't stop crying (which is pretty unusual for his reactions to her), she ran downstairs to get us. When we explained again that sometimes babies have to learn to put themselves to sleep, she started to cry.

The idea of Sully crying just bothered her much. Not only is she concerned for her brother, she's just a sensitive empathetic little girl.

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