Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Five months or nine months?

Since learning the sex of our child at the last visit, things seem to have been moving lightening quick. And yet - super slow. It's strange how that goes.

Most noticeably, I've ballooned. I'm about 23 weeks along, but look like I'm nine months big. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, I was no skinny minny to start with! I don't mind looking so big, but the problem is that I feel big. I feel huge and clumsy, like getting up from the couch is a major undertaking. I'm sure if I'm not waddling already, it's coming soon!

With Scarlett's pregnancy, I felt like I was made for it! After the first three months, I felt so good! I loved being pregnant - every single minute of it! This time around, it's not going as well. Besides being tent-like, I also ache; have heartburn and unceasingly bad headaches. My body has been out of shape and I can feel it in every bone and muscle. Nights are incredibly hard, as I wake every hour or so to toss and turn from one side to the other. It isn't long before my hips start to ache, so I flip again. Maybe it's just my body preparing me for getting up every couple of hours to feed the baby. I don't know, but I'm not enjoying it!

Despite all of my aches and pains; complaints and grumbles, I feel incredibly blessed. This baby is so loved already and I feel so lucky to be able to have another one. For every complaint I have, I silently give thanks and my belly a quick rub. Baby Bacon (as Scarlett proposed for a name) will be well received!


  1. This sounds like an old wives tale or superstition, but I had the same issues with Jackson and not with Emily. Of course it could be a little age, having another to chase after, etc, but I had intense headaches, my hips felt like they were going to spontaneously dislocate, and I was much bigger than with Em, even though she outweighed J by nearly two pounds. I oh-so-scientifically blame it on him being a boy. Much love to all of the Colemans from the Wynns!

  2. Scientists have concluded that headaches, hip pain, and heartburn associated with pregnancy can be alleviated by making your husband a delicious sandwich.