Thursday, December 8, 2011

What's in a name?

Now that it's assuredly known that Baby Bacon is a boy, we've been getting a lot of questions about names. "Have you decided what to name him yet?" "Do you have any finalists?"

Yes, Ben and I have been scouring the baby names book for names that we love, amassing a finalist list of about 10 names. We both went through the book, making notes of names that we like, love and have to have! Once we were finished, we traded lists and went through the veto process. In the end, we have a nice list to mull over. I can say that Ben is more focused on the meanings of the names and whether we can "pull them off." He loves the names Ari and Tyrone, but doesn't necessarily think that they would be appropriate for little Irish Baby Bacon! I'm more concerned about the aesthetics. Do I like the name; does it have nicknames; is it easy to make fun of; does it sound good with Coleman?

In the long run, we've decided not to share our finalists. Apparently (and I didn't know this before last night), Ben had encountered some people who thought that our picks last time were ridiculous, even including the name Scarlett. I can't believe that someone would actually call your name picks stupid, especially to your face, knowing that these are the names that you love. But, I guess it happens.

I can say that a huge amount of the names are Irish in origin. I don't think we meant to do that, but it just happened! I can also tell you that some of the names that we have had on our list forever have fallen off this time around. I'm sad to report that Baby Bacon will not be named Ari or Gavin. :( However, there are some great names on our list! We'll probably go into the surgical room with about 5 and decide once we see Bacon what his name should be. Worst case scenario, he remains Baby Bacon!


  1. Mmmmmm, bacon! I'm all for Irish names, and for meeting baby before deciding. And people who name-hate on baby names are just buzzkills! Much love!

  2. Hmmm. "Cole Coleman" has a ring .... nah. If "Tyrone" isn't Irish enough, what about "Taighrobhainn"?

    Can't wait to meet the baby!

  3. Joseph Burke Coleman. - my one and only input on this matter.

  4. Wouldn't matter if he is Jehosephat Treehugger - we already love him! And I personally think it's really impossible to decide until you meet the little person. Otherwise Ben would've been Margaret. :)

  5. well how about Angus or Shamus? Of course I would go with Christopher Smith Coleman but hey I am a wild man......