Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Roller Derby Summer

This summer, Scarlett has been very much into the Roller Derby. She went to her first game when she was five, and has gone at least twice a season since.

I don't necessarily think that she's interested in the game, as much as she is interested in the women who play. Scarlett's favorite part of the night is at the end, when she goes down to the floor and gets her program and shirt autographed by the players.

They started a junior derby this year, which Scarlett is dying to try. It's pretty expensive and time consuming, but looks like a lot of fun. I personally think she's a little too delicate and sensitive. One little girl at the bout kept getting knocked down by the blockers and spent the rest of the game crying. I can imagine Scarlett doing that.

My favorite player is Kobra Kai. I LOVE her name, because it reminds me of old times. She is one badass chick, with arms full of tattoos and lots of flair. Sadly, this year is her last as a derby girl.

Scarlett's favorite is Flash Gloria. She sports shorts with yellow trim and a lightning bolt on the rear. She used to also sport a lightning bolt on her cheek. Flash is very much the star of the show, so it's no wonder that Scarlett attached herself.

Scarlett and her favorite derby girl, Flash Gloria!

It's a great place for kids. They've got kids-size merchandise and coloring tables. In fact, each time that we've gone, Scarlett has colored a poster for at least three of the derby girls! Kobra Kai put hers up on her Facebook page!

Scarlett went to Paint Yourself Silly for Derby Night. All proceeds went to No Coast Derby!

Go No Coast!

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