Friday, July 26, 2013

The pox

Not just a thing of the past, folks. In the past few weeks, Sully has had a rash (ha!) of bugbites. Chiggers, we thought, since they appeared mostly around the diaper area and around his neck and upper arms/back. Well, when he developed one on his eye, I started to worry. One quick call later and we were on our way to the pediatrician.

Turns out, Sully had developed chicken pox. I seriously didn't think that kids got those anymore! After all, he had been vaccinated! (Or at least he's had the first dose.) The pediatrician explained that even vaccinated children can get the pox, although it's usually much milder and clears up quicker. Even so, he had only seen one case in his 10 years and that was from a Chinese child that hadn't been vaccinated!

Well, itchies be damned, everything is speeding along, as usual. Sully is starting to clear up, Scarlett is thinking about going back to school and we're trying to fit all of the remaining summer still into these last few weeks!

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