Thursday, January 5, 2012

An almost St. Patty's Day Baby!

WE FINALLY HAVE A DATE! Pardon my excitement, but we finally scheduled our C-Section! Baby Bacon's birth date will be March 19, 2012 (barring any unforeseen circumstances). We'll head into St. Elizabeth's hospital at 5:30 a.m. that morning for a 7:30 a.m. delivery. The doctor gave me the choice of St Patrick's Day, but I chose to delay for a couple of days. As Ben said, "I don't want the baby thinking I always get drunk on his birthday!"

I learned a few interesting things at this appointment, my 28-week checkup:

* Strictly speaking numbers, I've only gained 2 pounds this pregnancy and nothing in the last three appointments.
* Bacon is already breech - feet down - and won't be flipping around. Thankfully we know about my uterine situation or the doctor may have wanted to do an inversion. He's running out of room and so he's placed his head in the space where he has the most room, which is near my ribs. Its makes breathing awesome. :( This is also why most of the movements I feel are nearer to my crotch than to my ribs.
* Bacon was definitely on a sugar high from the Glucol drink. The nurse had a hard time focusing his heartbeat and he kept kicking her when she did. He also didn't care to get his picture taken, as he turned his back every time we attempted. I'm not sure if this bodes well for his personality!
* I forget how routine these things are for doctors. My doctor had to schedule the procedure for an early time so that she could still volunteer in her son's classroom. Good for her!


  1. well good for you, even though derrik would have liked baby bacon having the same b-day as him! I think that a few days before is great at least the same month!

  2. Congratulations to you guys and your expanding clan! March 19 is Russ' bday if that indeed is how it shakes out! Bacon Russell Coleman is a little too two-syllabley, though. Great work on the blog Case, keep it coming!

    -Andy Robbins