Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Less than two months... or even less than that!

I just came back from the OB's office for my 31-week evaluation. (It was supposed to be 30, but got rescheduled.) Everything is going along well, as it should be. Even though my appointment was incredibly short - mostly due to the baby's unwillingness to pose for pictures - I did learn some things.

* The baby is 4 1/2 - 5 pounds right now, which is about perfect. Not overly big as they first thought. I could still have a 10-lb baby, but it isn't looking so right now. We'll get official measurements at my next appointment in two weeks.

*Although I am a normal size, outwardly, my doctor has high doubts that we'll make it to our due date, even moved up to 39 weeks. Due to the shape of my uterus, the position of the baby and history of pregnancies like this, Doc thinks that it's likely that I'll go into labor early. As much as going early appeals to me, I really don't want to.

* I do not have gestational diabetes. Barely. I was two points below the cutoff. I really need to curb my sugar.

* I have a slightly low iron count. It's not surprising, given my intolerance for some meats. Something else for me to work on.

I guess we'll keep on trucking!

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