Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A more restful night

Last night was my first night sleeping upright in the living room chair. I wasn't excited to start this trend and I put it off for entirely too long. I really hate the idea of not going to bed in MY bed, next to Ben, in the room next to Scarlett.

The pain and sleeplessness has gotten to be too much, though. So I gave up and moved to the living room, where I slept upright in our lounge chair, surrounded by pillows and propped on the ottoman. Surprisingly enough, I slept pretty well! I still got up twice during the night to pee (to be expected) and I still woke up a little stiff, but it sure beats the hip pain! Added plus - watching whatever drivel I wanted to as I slept! Only two more months to go!

Although unrelated to this post, I really wanted to post this family photo which my MIL took the day after Christmas. Pretty darn good, I think!

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